Our Story

“‘The AI revolution over the next decade is definitely going to be as big as the Internet Revolution of the 90s’ - I specifically remember Mehul telling me one day.” - Abhishek Agarwalla, Co-Founder, CEO.

This is how it started. The numerous applications yet to be built, the disruptive innovations waiting to come to existence, all of it was too exciting for us to miss out on. The coming decades are going to be shaped by groundbreaking AI tools solving real-world problems. We wished to be at the forefront of this transition towards large scale adoption of AI and so, we co-founded a product development studio specialising in helping AI startups build and scale their product.

Today, we have almost 100 employees working with us who share the same vision and though this is just the beginning, we are closer than ever to realising our dream/aim.

Why Us?

All of our members have an exclusive experience of working at or running a startup that imbibes the drive and hunger to create resourceful innovation. We readily leverage our technical expertise and market experience, helping you fine-tune your product road map, value proposition, business outcomes, and dedicate ourselves to do the product as our own, taking independent ownership of the deliverables.

We strive to uphold the highest benchmark of standards we have set for ourselves with everything we do, without compromising on the trade-offs of faster go-to-market and burn rates. With 20+ combined years of experience in NLP, Computer Vision, and Business intelligence we have been consistent in delivering cutting-edge technology to our clients.

Our Journey




Started With The Idea Of Video Analytics, Worked With A Defence Drone Company To Create A Reconnaissance Solution, Developed A Security Solution For A School Chain, Helped Other Video Analytics Startup Build Their Product Using Our Underlying Technology.



Expanded To Other Industries Such As Sports Analytics, Accounting And Finance And Across Geographies UK, USA, New Zealand. Worked On Solutions Such As Deep Learning On Edge Devices, Chatbots, Natural Language Processing Etc



Expanded To A Team Of 10, New Industries Working With Are Manufacturing, Media, B2B Saas (Sales). Handling Complete Technical Requirements Of Startups. Tech Stack Expanded To Technologies Such As Snowflake, Spark, DevOps, Infrastructure And System Design. Used Video Analytics Solution To Develop A Tool For Tracking Covid Violations.



Working on Cutting Edge technologies, Speech Analytics, Language Generation, Visual Attention etc.

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Abhishek Agarwalla (Co-Founder, CEO)

Mehul Jain (Co-Founder, CTO)

Ketan Mishra (VP, Engineering)

Yadvendra Kshatri (VP, Data Science)