We are a team of highly coordinated data scientists, AI engineers, architects, software developers and consultants who apart from being the experts of their respective domains, are proactively aware of the workings of others. This is what enables us to function as a well oiled machine.


We, at Aidetic, believe in using AI powered tools to solve real-world problems. Primarily focused on computer vision and natural language processings problems, we develop customized software that enable machines to see and act so as to automate repetitive tasks for humans, add convenience and make life easier. Our team, through months of diligent effort and expertise, has developed state-of-the-art framework for object detection, recognition and tracking along with text classification, sentiment analysis and text similarity matches which can be deployed to various platforms ranging from clouds to mobile phones. We have assisted numerous clients by developing highly customized end-to-end solutions with AI at the core.

computer vision

Consulting Hours
10,000 +
computer vision

MVPs Created
10 +
computer vision

Clients Served
30 +
computer vision

Projects Delivered
50 +


Abhishek Agarwalla
(Co-Founder, CEO)

Abhishek is a IIT Dhanbad Graduate, with experience in management consulting. Fascinated by the real world applications of AI, he has been working on Computer Vision and NLP for 3+ years now and has assisted clients across multiple industries and geographies by building AI enabled software.

Mehul Jain
(Co-Founder, CTO)

Mehul is a IIT Dhanbad Graduate in CSE, with experience in software development ,computer vision and nlp. He is well versed in multiple programming languages and has a deep understanding of deploying AI systems on various platforms. He also has solid grasp on drone technologies.

Yadvendra Kshatri
(VP, Data Science)

Yadvendra is a IIT Dhanbad Graduate, with experience in management consulting and E-commerce consulting. An unrelenting explorer of the realm of AI and ML, he has been working on Machine Learning and Deep Learning for 3+ years. He specializes in computer vision, NLP and numeric applications of ML and DL.

Ketan Mishra
(VP, Engineering)

Ketan is a IIT Dhanbad Graduate, with experience in software development and ML in a large MNC. He has assisted clients across multiple industries and geographies by building scalable solutions. His expertise lies in designing the scalable frontend and backend systems across various platforms.


We aim to upgrade our machines from being obedient thoughtless workers to smart decision makers. We, at Aidetic, aspire to empower machines to take complex decisions for us so, freed from the shackles of manually crunching numbers and repetitive tasks, businesses can focus on quality and growth. We envision a present where AI has pervaded our lives so fluidly that we don’t notice the change when it happens but only feel how far we have come, looking back, in so little time.


  • Global Outlook

    We have successfully served and accumulated valuable experince from companies from a wide vairety of industries from localations across the globe.
  • Robust Support

    To ensure customer satisfaction, we give as much emphasis on support as we give on delivery of our services.
  • Quality of results

    We stress on thoroughly understanding the your requirements as the foundation we build the solutions on so the results always deliver the value that was promised.
  • Timely Delivery

    The importance of delivering on time is deeply ingrained in our culture. We don't see punctuality as a quality but as an inviolable principle.
  • Personalized Experience

    Details are paramount to us. We understand that every client is different and their requirements unique. All of our experience goes into tailorfitting the solutions to the customer's needs.


A very dedicated team with great enthusiasm and focus on delivery and quality. They have helped us materialise our ideas just the way we had envisioned them. Fast execution, professional staff, we did a very good project, for sure I will do more projects with Aidetic in future.
Abhishek Vijayvergiya Director - 7 Frames
We have been working with AIDETIC for a very long time over numerous projects related to NLP. Their team is highly talented and committed to quality client delivery and in terms of the timeline of delivery, they have rarely missed a deadline. They leverage their deep understanding of NLP and CV to bring new perspectives to a discussion. We are very satisfied with the services we are receiving from them.
Sambeet ParijaChief Product Officer - 73 Strings
The Aidetic team has been great to work with. They've been with us from the very beginning and have been assisting us in providing one-stop solutions for our needs. Aidetic has helped us navigate complex issues pertaining to the product development, been proactively involved in R&D, and helped us achieve the highest quality standards for our product. Post Aidetic's involvement, we've been able to scale our product faster without compromising on quality. Their expertise with handling end-to-end ownership of the software pipeline helped our team focus on growth and achieve more. We see our engagement with Aidetic as a long term one and hope to continue achieving more together!
Udbhava MishraChief Operating Officer - Kanteen SL
Really impressed with the quality of work received from Aidetic and we thank them for the wonderful job in helping us develop a unique AI application. Mehul, Abhishek and the team were always very professional, demonstrating competency in the required skillset and good communications; despite the remote working relationship. During this ongoing project, we asked a lot of questions and made a lot of requests that were met with quick, accurate responses and effective solutions. We consider Aidtetic a trusted business partner and plan to continue our working relationship with them.
Punit JainDirector - Xinowa
Working with Aidetic and team has been a breath of fresh air. Many contractors will make claims to their abilities to get you as a client, but Mehul and his team are the first I’ve hired that truly delivered on their promises. They have gone above and beyond to help me bring my technology to fruition and I would strongly recommend them to anybody looking for an intelligent, capable, communicative team.
Peter KasselChief Operating and Technology Officer - Healthy Sole
We consulted Aidetic for a Machine Learning based feature addition on our platform. They were able to get hold of the business problem fairly well and tuned the solution so as to have the maximum impact. The project was delivered well within the stipulated deadlines and has since been working flawlessly in production. I'd choose Aidetic for more ML projects in the future for the commitment they've shown in building a highly accurate model and for going the extra mile to deliver maximum value.
Garrett HamptonChief Technology Officer - Mainstem

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