Case Study: Apparel Store Covid Compliance

With unlock 3.0 and businesses reopening all across India, the need of the hour for industries is to be as Covid compliant as they can be. To follow statutory and regulatory Covid rules and regulations has been of utmost importance. People not following basic rules such as wearing masks at all times when in public and sanitising profusely has led to the loss of lives and closing down of businesses, resulting in huge financial losses.

The Problem:

One such case arose in an upscale apparel franchise showroom earlier this month. Not being covid compliant led to one of their employees testing Covid positive. The showroom had to be shut down and everybody, in an absolute panic, had to get themselves and their family members tested for COVID-19. Considering the huge losses faced by the showroom, the showroom’s owner was determined to find a solution to make sure people were wearing masks and following basic sanitisation rules at all times in the store. The robust temperature checking system before letting people enter the showroom, obviously, was not good enough. This made them come across the IRIS-360.

The Solution:

Using the best AI tools has always given businesses an edge over their competitors. In this case, the installation of IRIS-360 did not just provide the franchise store with an edge over other businesses but also helped them in monitoring everybody so well that no Covid cases have been reported since then.

IRIS-360 is a smart, fully automated security camera with AI-based technology and four camera configuration which can detect if people are wearing masks, following social distancing rules, etc., or not. With an intuitive dashboard that is easy to use and understand, it’s a revolutionary and an updated version of the old, traditional security system.

Special features of IRIS-360:

  1. Mask Detection:
    The AI camera immediately identifies if people are wearing masks or not. It then sends a notification on the WhatsApp account linked with it.
  2. Social distancing violations:
    The AI algorithms in IRIS-360 quickly detect if social distancing rules are being breached and alerts the owners immediately.
  3. Lockdown violations:
    During lockdowns, the AI camera identifies and alerts if anyone breaks the lockdown rules.
  4. Notifications sent on WhatsApp:
    When connected to a WhatsApp account, an alert accompanying a short clip of the incident is sent immediately to it if anyone is captured flouting the rules.
  5. Notifications on the panel:
    Accessing the notifications is a very uncomplicated task as all the notifications appear at one place on the right panel of the dashboard. A brief description of the incident along with the clip, its severity, time, and the violator’s name pops up when clicked on the notification.
  6. Multiple features at once: More than one feature can be selected at once for any camera. For example, mask detection and social distancing rule violation detection can be selected for any camera stream at once.

The installation was an easy process of plugging the processing device into the CCTV network, then to a power source. We got it up and running in no time. With the confidence that now their showroom was more Covid compliant than ever, they reopened their store. The owner had an ingenious idea to make the dashboard public so that the customers coming in would have the same confidence as they had.


From as early as the second week of installing the IRIS-360, the mask violations went down by 60% and the social distancing violations came down by 27%, which in turn gave the store a 35% boost in their Covid compliance score and provided for enhanced customer support.

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