Work with people who bring out the best in you

At Aidetic, we believe that learning never stops. We put a lot of effort into realising one's potential and then constantly developing on those skill sets. This is one of the strongest pillars of our work culture and we expect our employees to grow and evolve as they work on different projects. We are on the verge of the second age of automation and nothing is more exciting and motivating than to assist our employees with all the innovative solutions that come our way.

Ready to make a difference?

With a clientele comprising ingenious SaaS startups from all across the globe, we're striving to fast-track innovation across multiple industries. We believe that just like the Internet changed human history 20 years ago - AI is here to do the same. Having a front seat to the rapidly changing landscape of different technologies is no small undertaking - but with the right team, it is a real possibility. Join us on this journey - we look forward to working with you.