From building groundbreaking applications to automating complex business processes, we use our proprietary Image Processing and Deep Learning solutions to solve important problems across industries. Our customized solutions are flexible and highly optimized to give businesses the value they need.


computer vision

Facial Recognition

Your face is your ID! Day by day, all forms of manual, contact intensive forms of identification are becoming obsolete. Our proprietary facial recognition solutions are precise, blazingly fast and easy to integrate into your existing systems. Experience the convenience of facial recognition without compromising on security.

Automated Security Monitoring

Security is largely based on monitoring-intensive tasks which can be automated reliably. Industries, Schools, Hospitals, and Commercial Buildings are using our technology to augment security by automate visitor tracking, restricting entry of unauthorized people, and flagging unusual events.

computer vision

computer vision

Custom OCR

Digitize offline documents accurately using our state of the art OCR solutions. Easily extract text from financial documents, IDs, or images of physical things.

Social Distancing and Mask Detection

Companies are using our Custom Object Detection algorithms for monitoring social distancing and face mask adherence during the COVID-19 crisis. You can easily get an end-to-end software to detect objects, actions, and events in real-time customized for your very own requirements.

computer vision



General Object Detection

Upload any image and explore the object detection capabilities of our algorithm.


Image Segmentationn

Upload a photo of yours and we'll tell you what your pose is.



Put our reading prowess to test. Upload a visiting card or a driver's licence.

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