As cheaper computational power becomes available, we are able to fully realise the potential of deep learning and computer vision. With a host of custom video analytics solutions that range from security to utility using technologies like object detection, facial recognition, movement detection and more, we are making the conventional camera smarter and more powerful.


computer vision

Security and surveillance

Revolutionizing the traditionally manual job of constantly monitoring CCTV streams by fully automating the task through AI.

Crowd analytics

Utilizing the advanced AI algorithms to find patterns in crowds paving way for a multitude of valuable analytical insights.

computer vision

computer vision

Face based attendance

Using facial recognition to enable contactless attendance, making workplaces safer in the times of infections and pandemics.

Safety and quality check

A traditionally manual and attention requiring, skill intensive task that an algorithm can be custom trained to perform for a fraction of time and cost.

computer vision


Video processing and analysis, a subset of computer vision and thereby artificial intelligence, is primarily concerned with unearthing temporal and spatial patterns in video streams. Our algorithms are capable of ingesting video feeds and extracting information including, but not limited to, movement and behaviour of objects. Using these raw data points and information we can enable much more complex and effective analytics. Custom video analytcics solutions can be used as smart business tools, providing businesses with not only smart video surveillance, but also operational tools to create a safer and more efficient workplace.

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