How we help startups build and scale products



Our Ideas are affordable. Consistent execution creates a product that delivers on its promises.

Accelerate go-to-market

Solve challenging technical problems frugally and fast

Minimize technical debt for scaling the product with agility



We keep the end-user in mind. The best innovations are far from complex, they are simple and elegant.

Develop and Ship with high quality

Productionize AI research and develop best-in-class algorithms

Reduce bandwidth of founders on direct dev/release management



Scaling-up is every entrepreneur's dream & nightmare. We make it a little easier as you near product-market fit.

Deliver high-quality products to the customer

Make intelligence explainable and actionable

Grow the product team quickly on demand when the product scales

Our Process

Get in the customer’s shoes

Put the problems in the word precisely

Gather your thinking hats and lay down the steps to the solution

Get out to the customers and Test