Language technology based Deep Learning solutions are our forte. We help businesses extract maximum value from their structured and unstructured textual data. Our high impact NLP solutions combine cutting edge technology with a rigorous business understanding.


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Make Sense of Unstructured Data

Want to extract interesting insights from corpuses of unstructured data with manually going through them? Our solutions help you exactly accomplish that. Be it customer reviews, comment threads, news articles, or patents - our AI understands the documents you feed in, filters out the noise, and helps you focus on what's important.

Blazingly Fast Information Retrieval

Does your business require sifting through a truckload of documents manually? We'll build you a customized search engine for your internal applications.

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computer vision

Chatbots to Save the Day

Be it information sharing, customer engagement, or customer support - our AI powered chatbots allow you to save time and money. Our chatbots are humanlike conversationalists as well as hubs of useful knowledge at your fingertips. Have us build a customized chatbot for your unique use case.

Automated Question Answering

How would a bot do on a Reading Comprehension test? Our AI has the ability to digest long pieces of text and help you answer specific questions without you having to go through it at all. Have specific questions on a contract, article or business document? Ask our bot and have it figure it out for you!

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Text Similarity

Give us a couple of sentences and we'll tell you how similar they are.


Sentiment Analysis

We build emotionally intelligent machines. Upload a text and find out.


Text Summarization

Feed a passage to our algorithms and ask questions like a human would.

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