AI softwares can takeover and assist humans in manual, rule-based, and repetitive tasks. Robotic Process Automation is the technology that allows us to configure computer software to emulate and automate the actions of a human interacting within digital systems to execute a business process.


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Due Diligence

Reliable automation of due diligence via intricate algorithms

Reports Aggregation

Exctract and accumulate accurate information and deliver high value content while driving down your costs with near real-time monitoring of large volumes of information and precise data extraction.

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computer vision

Competition monitoring (pricing and strategy)

Staying abreast with your competitors made easy when our solutions are keeping close tabs on their public activities and giving you actionable reports.

CRM or database updates

Automating of repeatable updation of databases while taking care of data integrity and transaction management

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RPA can be logically seperated into two segments: Understanding the process and emulating the process whenever required. To implement any RPA solution, exisiting process which needs to be automated is analyzed thoroughly to find how it interacts with rest of the infrastructure. Once all the facets of the process are well defined, like when is the process triggered, what all actions it should take and what result should it generate, a software can be configured to replicate and automate the complete process. Using our AI algorithm it is now possible to replicate much more complex tasks and process.

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