The favorable and prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors.


A Superfast NLP Based Search Engine for Finding Similar Documents

The client wanted to automate the process of finding competitors given a subject company. The problem was that there were ...


A Virtual Personal Assistant for All Your Accounting Needs

The firm wanted to give its clients easy access to their accounting information. While there exist accounting and bookkeeping...


Automated Security and Surveilance for Workplace Safety

To ensure the security of children from anti-social individuals, the client was looking for an automated CCTV surveillance system...


End to End Process Automation for Image Matching and Duplicate Detection

he task was to automate the process of matching and counting the exact number of photos that were used by a photography firm’s...


Topic Modeling for New Articles Analysis With Interactive Visualizations

Analyzing news articles for gathering insights on companies, events, and people constituted a good chunk of our client’s market research ...